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My Favorite Jay-Z Albums

My top five favorite Jay-Z albums are as follows:

5. Unplugged

4. The Black Album

3. The Blueprint

2. 4:44

1. Reasonable Doubt

I took a week on facebook and other social media to discuss each of those five albums. The response was overwhelmingly fun and light. However, a few people took issue with me putting 4:44 so high up on the list. So putting aside my personal taste, here are 3 reasons why I think Jay-Z’s latest album is one of his best.

1. The production is different and innovative. Perhaps you never got into the production on 4:44. However, it is hard to say that No I.D. (the producer of the entire album) did not come with something a bit different. His sampling technique on this album was smooth and simple yet complex. His chopping was excellent. The soul is spilling out all over the place. He matches the samples with up to date boom bap drums that work really well.

2. The content is mature and consistent throughout the album. Jay-Z is not on the streets selling drugs. He is not on a yacht living it up. He is somber. He is vulnerable. He is reflective. He is a grown man being honest with himself and his audience.

3. This album made an impact. It is true that rappers have been doing “grown man” Hip-hop decades before 4:44 dropped. Yet, after it dropped is when everybody and their momma was using the phrase “grown man Hip-hop.” Other rappers did it before him, but when Jay-Z did it, the masses listened and took heed.

For those three reasons I suggest this is a darn near classic album. At least it is a really great album.

What do you think?


MC Till

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