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Below the Heavens: A Crowdsourced Reflection

When something rises to the level of cult classic like Below the Heavens by Blu and Exile why not let the cult followers speak? That’s what we decided to do with this album. We love the album and thought about writing a review for it, but decided to let you speak. So we put the word out on social media and asked, “What do you love about this album?” This is what we heard:

  • Sequence, beats, rhymes and the life it gave. - Shawn Sawyer

  • Classic album. The whole aesthetic and ambiance is so consistent and cohesive. - Zach Sternberg

  • Everything - Michael Moose Campisi

  • The raw honesty and transparency of an artist that’s literally just trying to live. - Taj the Poet

  • The production is flawless in my opinion and Blu just floats over it like it was made only for him. - Anthony L'Italien

  • Same thing I like about all their albums. How they both compliment each other. The production and rhymes always go together seamlessly. - Rob Campbell

  • The lyricism and content. - Terence Jordan

  • Blu is dead nice. - Roger Folklorico

  • Lyrics & Beats- Melvin Chavers II

  • Absolute classic album, smooth beats and flow. Chill vibes. - Troy LaPointe

  • Everything! Great memories with this album as 2008 was a happy eventful year and this was the soundtrack. - Michael Mantinaos

  • Dope beats, dope rhymes. - Lex Pierre

  • This is such an amazing album and I found out about it a few years too late and don't even remember any album that came out that year. I heard it because it was on repeat so much. It is an absolute classic!! - Simon Best

  • It proved real Hip-Hop can come from anywhere !! - Joseph Greer III

  • Beats, flow, rhymes. - Sonia Chatha

  • Lyrics. - Msiematic Adamant

  • I love literally everything about this album. My ears find no faults. Although I enjoy the other albums from them or the solo joints or Exiles production on anything, I always come back to this one. - Adam Joslin

  • Flawless production that matched deep thought provoking lyrics - Jason Lynch Sr.

  • Album is so fluent - Willie Beamen

  • This is a perfect project. No misses. Closest thing to Moment of Truth I’ve heard. - Joseph Gargano

  • It’s the vibes 4 me. - evin McGlockton

  • Everything. - Nor Senoj

  • Blue Collar Worker! I love that song. I also love Exile’s soul fly, bouncy, funky production. Those beats tell a story all by themselves but don’t sound too busy when Blu is doing his thing on top. They work so well together and everytime they make a project, I love it! - MC Till

  • The whole vibe of this album is just right imo - Sean O’Neil

  • I use this album as an introduction to the folks who haven't yet been blessed by this duo's mastery... and have yet to have any complaints. Front to back it's seamless yet disjointed enough to mimic life's ups and downs. One of my favorites. - Lucas Motejl

  • The production is always a standout. - William Russ

  • The cover - Jea M Ows

What about you? What do you love about this album? Hit us up and let us know! Like this article? Like what you see here at Everybody's Hip-Hop? Join our work on patreon at

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