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The Boom Bap Mag is a digital magazine dedicated to boom bap Hip-Hop. Within its 100 pages are short write-ups on over 30 albums plus interviews, editorial pieces, and more. Artists covered in the mag include Awon, Pharoahe Monch, vsteeze, Thought Provokah, Czarface and more. Read something that interests you? Just click a nearby pic or hyper link to go directly to the music! If you appreciate boom bap, you will definitely appreciate this interactive experience. 

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RESPECT is a written remix of an initiative from years ago. We started "RESPECT" as a series of singles dedicated to specific artists. We featured homage songs to the Wu-Tang Clan, Goodie Mob, Masta Ace, and many more. Years later we decided to take the same concept of showing love to the artists we love through creating a dedicated magazine to them. The first one we did is a dedication to Skyzoo's catalog. We feature every album in the mag and throw in a few extra tidbits. Give it a look and let us now what you think!

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