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The Boom Bap Review Vol. 4

The Boom Bap Review Vol. 4


Are you a fan of Nas, Black Thought, Elzhi, Phife (RIP)? You will love our new book. The fourth installment of the Boom Bap Review features everything you've come to expect: a boom bap list, reviews, essays, and retrospective pieces. This year we have also included liner notes to a few of the better albums this year written by the artists themselves! Furthermore, we feature a dedication piece to Paten Locke. Shout out to Dillon for that and Rest In Power to Paten Locke! This year we covered albums by Tab-One, Wildchild, Nas, The Bad Seed, Elzhi, Dres of Black Sheep, Phife, Black Thought, Ill Conscious, and many more.

Orders typically ship within a few days. If you are outside of the United States, please feel free to search 'The Boom Bap Review Vol. 4: 2022' on Amazon. You will most likely find it cheaper and it will get to you sooner!

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