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Power 2

Power 2


Power 2 is the latest album from the duo of AC The Entity and MC Till. AC handles the rhymes while MC provides the beats. This team blends thoughtful rhymes with traditional sample-based boom bap production. AC's delivery is unorthadoxed channeling the delivery style of someone like Posdnous of De La Soul while MC Till draws his inspiration from Dilla (RIP), utilizing a lot of jazz music with piano and horns being the primary sample source. Layered over break beat drums MC Till provides a nice landing pad for AC to meander around the beats with originality and flare. Pick up this digipack* with original, sample-based artwork from Phat Hentoff!

*CD is duplicated CDR manufactured from Atomic Disc via digipack lite. 

To order the digital download click here to visit our bandcamp page.

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