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Curating for You

Are you feeling overloaded with Hip-hop music?

Since December of 2015 one emcee, Tha God Fahim, has released 70 projects. He has already released two projects just this year and we are only one month in! Now this is an extreme example of a rapper releasing a lot of music. However, this seems to be a growing trend in the underground Hip-hop world.

So, are we going to put out over 20 projects this year? No. Far from it. But, we are thinking through how we can best serve you in 2019. It can be overwhelming to figure out which albums to listen to and which artists to check out. I think we can help.

We listen to new music almost every day. We love it. In fact we are pretty excited about artists like The God Fahim releasing so much music. Because we listen to a lot of Hip-hop music every week we can sift through it all and offer some recommendations.

January Hip-hop

“Mind of a Man” by Justo the MC & Maticulous

“Big Fly 3” by Big Kahuna OG & Fly Anakin

“The Proletarii” by Grim Moses

“Black Ninjutsu” by Kyo Itachi & Haile Ali

“From the Soul” by Revolutionary Rhythm

“Cigarettes & Coffee” by A.J. Munson

Noteworthy Release Dates for February

“Sincerely, The P” by People Under the Stairs - February 1

“Czarface meets Ghostface” - February 15

“The All” by Smif N Wessun - February 22

More to come…

Skyzoo & Pete Rock

Bandana 2

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