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All About Tribe

A Tribe Called Quest is one of my favorite groups of all time. Their album, A Low End Theory, is one of my favorite albums of all time followed by four other Tribe albums!!! They have definitely inspired and entertained me immensely over the years. So after I first saw the Beats, Rhymes, and Life documentary I was a bit sad. I had heard about the scuffles between Phife and Q-Tip, but seeing it play out in that documentary and then seeing how Phife struggled so much physically was tough. First and foremost it was sad to see Phife in such pain. It was also frustrating to see one of the greatest groups in musical history behave in what appeared to be childish ways. Who am I to judge though? I’m not. I’m just simply relaying a bit of frustration. Obviously no artist needs to make music to appease me. But, dang. What if Tribe had whatever it is that De La Soul has? I mean those native tongue cats have stayed together all these years and it seems like they have a good relationship with one another. Only problem is that it takes them years upon years to make new music! What if Tribe kept it together? What if they had kept recording? Would we have had another album from them? Another two albums? Three? Four? I know this might sound petty. I mean after all Phife passed away last year and here I am talking about why didn’t they make more music! I don’t mean to be insensitive. Music can be like that though: terribly personal. We attach ourselves to the artist sometimes in unhealthy ways. We become fiends for new music from our favorites. This has been my relationship to Tribe. I just love their music. It has been an essential soundtrack to my life. I can’t get enough of it even to this day. Sometimes I sit and wish there are a few lost, unheard Tribe albums from the 90’s out there somewhere. And some day I’ll hear them. I’m a fiend. What about you? How is your relationship with Tribe? Peace, MC Till PS- BIG NEWS! I just got the raw files in my inbox last week. Prince Po (from Organized Konfusion) will be featured on a new EHHL single!!!! I’m so excited!!! AND we might get a feature from Truck North (from The Roots fame) soon! Stay tuned.

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