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Hip-hop is in Good Hands

Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Vince Staples, Joey Badass, Ab-Soul, Oddisee, Brother Ali, Mac Miller, Nipsey Hussle, Logic, Chance the Rapper, etc…

These emcees are very talented, have something thoughtful to say, and are some of the biggest names out right now in Hip-hop. These guys are winning Grammies, outselling most of their peers in the same genre, and producing music that the hip-hop community can be proud of.

Yet, I often see the memes and the bashing and the outright disrespect aimed at so-called ‘mumble rappers.’ Why? These ‘mumble rappers’ are simply doing their thing. Maybe they are being pimped out by the record industry. If so, that issue needs to be raised. But, I sense that more than likely these artists are simply trying to start and follow trends. They are mainstream. They are catchy. The beats are easily accessible to a younger audience. They look cool. They express a certain I don’t care about anything attitude. It is rebellious. Young people eat it up.

But, let’s look at Hip-hop as a whole. Hip-hop is in good hands. There are a plethora of artists like the ones I listed above that are reaching new heights. Kendrick Lamar was one nomination shy of the most ever in one night. That record is held by freaking Michael Jackson. Not that I think the Grammy’s should be the sole indicator of good Hip-hop as we know they often fail miserably in the Hip-hop category. But, with Chance the Rapper winning best Hip-hop album and De La Soul being nominated the Grammy’s are showing a glimmer of hope.

Grammy’s aside, the point remains; Hip-hop is in good hands. There is great Hip-hop coming out all the time. Just this year in 2017 we’ve had some stellar albums from Oddisee, Substantial, Your Old Droog, Joe Badass, J. Cole, Nick Grant, Roc Marciano, Homeboy Sandman, Brotther Ali and Kendrick Lamar.

The future of Hip-hop is bright. It is in good hands. I’m going to focus on that. How about you?

Thanks for listening.

Peace, MC Till

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